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All New Amazon Kindle Review 2020 | Which e-reader is best to buy?

In this blog I am going to answer which is the best e-reader to buy with a review on Amazon Kindle 10th Generation. I will start by discussing the importance of reading books, how an e-reader can actually be a better alternative to traditional ways of reading, best e-reader to buy and review All New Amazon Kindle along with comparison with its peers, Paperwhite and Oasis.

You can directly read about All New Amazon Kindle review by clicking here.

The importance of reading books

Books are building blocks for anyone who is willing to gain knowledge and skills. The importance of reading books is immense, for people of all age groups, whether you are a student or past that stage. You never stop learning in your life and readings books are a medium to achieve it. Reading books makes us a better communicator, enhances our communication skills by enhancing our vocabulary.

If you are interesting in writing then reading is a must. It is well known saying that you wish to speak fluently you need to first listen, then it becomes easier to speak that language. Likewise if you wish to write, the importance of reading books cannot be ignored.

If you want to speak, listen.

If you want to write, read.

We all know how important travelling is to gain experience and insights, reading books is one of the source where you can gain similar experience without actually having to travel or experience it yourself but by reading about others’ experience of the same kind and learning from it.

While non fictional books are important for knowledge building, fictional books provide a great stimulus to the creative mind and takes us on the journey. This ultimately reduces stress on us.

Why e-readers are better than books?

Now people who are already book lovers may be thinking why to use an e-reader when you have the traditional book reading process. To that I want to share a few points why I think using an e-reader is a better alternative –

1. Free up space

Amazon Kindle
Kindle for Travel

Books, when you actually are start loving them and buying them more and more, are eventually going to take up a lot of space. Carrying them around is a trouble in itself. And storing them also will need a lot of room. People who like to travel or have job transfers will find it hard to carry them around. Now when you use the best e-reader you will not only get local storage of the device which itself can store thousands of books but also take advantage of the digital or cloud space to store almost unlimited amount of storage.

2. Ease of access

Reading Books
Amazon Kindle

The importance of reading books is immense but even the ardent book lover can slag off. So for someone new who wants to get started in reading books it is obviously going to be tough. But as easy it is to get distracted in social media due to the ease of access of mobiles, just pick it up and keep scrolling. The same applies when you have an e-reader like Amazon Kindle besides you, just pick it up and read away.

3. Cheaper books, Cheaper in the long run

Best e-reader

Compared to print books, e-books are cheaper and there are also subscription basis books which you can read. Amazon Prime also provides free 10 books to read at any given time. There are also other services like the most popular Kindle Unlimited.

amazon kindle - audible

Which is the best e-reader to buy?

Best e-reader amazon kindle
Amazon Kindle 10th Generation

Many varieties of e-readers are available but undoubtedly the most popular and the best e-reader according to me is the All New Amazon Kindle. Coming at a very reasonable price, kindle has become a rage amongst book lovers. Amazon Kindle was not the first e-reader to be launched but when the first Amazon Kindle released it was sold out in mere five hours. We will discuss about the specifications and features of All New Amazon Kindle that makes it the best e-reader.

All New Amazon Kindle – Specifications at a glance

Let us first list the specifications of All New Amazon Kindle 10th Generation. Then I will review how each feature will help you and also discuss the pros and cons.

  • Dimensions – 160 x 113 x 8.7 mm
  • Weight – 174 grams
  • Display – 6 inch e-ink Carta display, 167 ppi, 4 LED front light, 16 level gray scale.
  • Storage – 4GB, Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Battery – Up to 4 weeks on a single charge.
  • Charge time – Fully charges in 4 hours with 5W adapter.
  • Connectivity – Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Colour – Black, White

All New Amazon Kindle 10th Generation – Detailed Review

Design and dimensions

I received my Amazon Kindle 10th Gen as a gift for my birthday and I actually wanted to buy it for a long time so I was more than happy to have received it. After unboxing I could see that design wise there is not much new in this child of the Kindle family coming with the same dimensions of 160 x 113 x 8.7 mm and a display of 6 inches. The Amazon Kindle weighs at around 174 grams and is quite sturdy to hold. In long term reading sessions it never felt tiring to the hand anymore than a average sized novel would feel.

Display of the Amazon Kindle

Reading books on the Amazon Kindle is a delight and feels as good as reading on a paper. The glare free 6 inch display does not hurt the eyes even in a long reading session. Earlier the base variant of Kindle family did not use to come with front lit LED but the 10th Gen Amazon Kindle comes with 4 LED lights to enable you to read even at night with ease. The display resolution is that of 167 ppi which is good for reading text books but will lack sharpness when you read graphic novels, comics or manga.

How does e-reader display work? – Backlit vs Frontlit display

You have been hearing how the best e-reader feels like reading a paper book. The main credit goes to the E-Ink display of Carta which uses eletronic inking to display us the characters. Also the LEDs are frontlit so it is as similar to reading books with light shining on top unlike our mobiles and laptops which have LEDs fitted at the back with light shining directly on our eyes.

Amazon Kindle storage and formats supported

The 10th Gen Amazon Kindle comes with 4 GB storage which is enough to store thousands of books. Along with the local storage you can store unlimited Amazon content on their cloud storage provided by Amazon. Amazon provides a big library with almost unlimited number of books to select from. The Amazon Kindle 10th Gen supports Kindle Format 8 (AZW3), Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, unprotected MOBI, PRC natively; HTML DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PMP through conversion.

You can download your e-books after buying from Amazon and start reading books or you can use the USB cable to transfer your files to Amazon Kindle and read away.

How long does the Amazon Kindle last on a single charge?

The Kindle comes with USB 2.0 cable out of the box and can be fully charged in approximately 4 hours. On a single charge without any Bluetooth device connected to it. This long charge of kindle is due to the e-ink which only refreshes a page once, the next time it refreshes is when you change the page.

Audiobooks on Amazon Kindle

The e-reader comes with Bluetooth facility and you can connect your Bluetooth headset with your Kindle and listen to the Kindle narrate your book to you. The option can be found in settings to enable screen reader.

Why is Amazon Kindle the best e-reader for reading books?

The homepage of Kindle greets you with suggestions on great reads according to your choices. The Amazon Kindle also comes with GoodReads services. Using the Wi-Fi you can directly buy from Amazon in your Kindle itself or you can buy from your browser and it will get reflected in your Kindle as your devices will be synced easily using a single email address.

The Kindle also has a feature of vocabulary builder where you can mark any new word that you learned while reading books. You can also mark a word or highlight a sentence or share a quote in the Kindle itself. You can also enable Word Wise and it will automatically show meaning of complex words as per the difficulty you set. The Kindle also shows time left for finishing a chapter using your page scrolling speed.

The Kindle also offers an experimental browser where you can perform basic browsing like wikipedia, etc on the go. Though a very basic browser, this is good touch on the part of Amazon to include this.

The benefit for a Amazon Prime member is that they will get 10 books to read on rent at a time. The e-books are also available at much cheaper rate than actual books whether you are prime member or not. This is great for a avid book reader. The famous Kindle Unlimited has huge library of books which you can subscribe to. Because of all these features Kindle is easily the best e-reader.

How does All New Amazon Kindle 10th Gen compare with its peers?

Along with the base variant of Kindle, Amazon also has PaperWhite and Oasis version of its Kindle. It can be argued the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is probably the best Kindle and the best e-reader out there but as my blog is aimed towards newbie who are aiming to start building the habit of reading books, I have preferred the base variant of Kindle 10th Gen. But still I should tell you the key differences between the different variants of Amazon Kindle.

The Paperwhite although comes with the same design and dimensions almost but the display is a sharper one with 300 ppi producing a sharp reading experience not just for text but also for reading comics and manga. It also has 5 LED lights compared to the base Kindle. The storage in Paperwhite is also larger with 8 GB and 32 GB variant. It also comes with a 4G option. In UI side Paperwhite provides inverted colour features. The Paperwhite is waterproof and has IPX8 rating.

The Kindle Oasis has larger dimensions and a larger display with similar resolutions to the Paperwhite on a 7 inches display and 25 LEDs. Oasis also has a warm light features. The Oasis is bulky on one side for better grip over the larger frame of this Kindle. The costlier of the Amazon Kindle family, the oasis is the one for hardcore book lovers. The Oasis is also waterproof with IPX8 rating like the Paperwhite.

All these is fine but for a non fancy person, waterproofing and high resolution is secondary and the budget buy of Amazon Kindle is unmatched. Hence I still believe the base variant of 10th Gen Kindle is the best e-reader.

Amazon Kindle vs Paperwhite vs Oasis – Comparison

Amazon Kindle 10th GenKindle PaperwhiteKindle Oasis
Amazon KindleKindle PaperwhiteKindle Oasis
Dimensions160 x 113 x 8.7 mm167 x 116 x 8.18 mm159 x 141 x 3.4-8.3 mm
Weight174 g182 – 191 g194 g
Display6 inches6 inches7 inches
Resolution167 ppi300 ppi300 ppi
Storage4 GB8 GB – 32 GB8 GB – 32 GB
ConnectivityBluetooth, Wi-FiBluetooth, Wi-Fi
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi + 4G
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi + 4G
Flush Front DesignN/AYesYes
Warm LightN/AN/AYes
Page Rotation ButtonN/AN/AYes

10th Gen All New Amazon Kindle Review – The Final Verdict

The 10th Gen Kindle from Amazon is the best budget buy to kickstart anyone who wants to form a habit of reading books. This is undoubtedly the best e-reader any student can buy for whom the cost matters a lot. The cons of lesser resolution and lack of auto sensors can be ignored easily as the already existing features of the base variant of Amazon Kindle is more than enough to serve the purpose. This gadget is a must buy and should not be skipped.

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Some frequently asked questions on Amazon Kindle

Which is the best Kindle to buy?

Overall the best Kindle to buy keeping in mind the price and features is Kindle Paperwhite but for budget purpose Kindle 10th Gen base variant is a great buy.

Is it worth buying a Kindle?

As easy it is to pick up your phone and start scrolling similarly picking up a Kindle and start reading books is as easy as it comes. Due to the ease of accessibility it will be easier for you to form the habit of reading books.

Are e-books free once you buy Kindle?

Kindle is an e-reader which enables you to read books on the go and Kindle Unlimited is a separate subscription basis service provided by Amazon for reading books which you need to subscribe. Prime members get 10 free books on rent. Otherwise you need to buy the e-books separately.

Is it worth buying a Kindle if I already have an iPad?

The frontlit display of Amazon Kindle is safer for your eyes for longer reading session than an iPad. But reading comics on an iPad will feel and look better.

Should I buy the Kindle or use the app?

Reason to buy a Kindle is the safety for eyes and the paperlike feel of e-ink. If you are not bothered by backlit screen and do not plan on reading for long hours, simply subscribing to the app and reading on a phone or tab may suffice.

Should I buy a Kindle or a tablet?

Tablets like iPad have great display but for longer reading hours they are not safe for the eyes. A Kindle is a better alternative if actually reading books is your goal.

Are Kindle bad for your eyes?

The paperlike and frontlit display of Amazon Kindle is safe for your eyes as safe it is to read paper books with a light on top.

What is better than a Kindle?

Though better or not is up for debate, an alternative to Kindle is the brand of Kobo.

Should I get 4 GB or 8 GB or 32 GB Kindle?

The base variant of Kindle has 4 GB storage and that is enough to store books.

Is there a monthly fee for Kindle?

Kindle Unlimited is a subscription basis service. Kindle itself is a one time buy where you can read books via transferring through USB or buying e-books as per your choice.

Does Kindle require Wi-FI?

No, you don’t need wi-fi to read your e-books once downloaded or transferred to your device.

Can Kindle access the internet?

Using the experimental browser you can access the internet but the browser is a very basic one.


All New Amazon Kindle Review

All New Kindle 10th Gen is a must buy gadget for any student as it falls in just the right budget and also has all the features required for it to be the best e-reader for any newbie or even an avid reader. If budget is not an issue then Kindle Paperwhite is a good option with higher resolution for reading graphic novels and a waterproof IPX8 rating.



Design and build









  • Best budget Kindle
  • Display is sharp enough for reading books
  • Can listen to audio book narration using bluetooth headset
  • Frontlit 4 LEDs


  • 167 ppi resolution is not sharp enough for graphic novel
  • Micro USB plug
  • Not waterproof
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