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Amazon Audible India Comes With Free 30 Days Trial. But Is It Worth It?

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Amazon Audible India Review 2020 | First Audiobook Free 30 Days Trial

Reading books is important for many reasons and recommended by many successful people. Audiobooks are a good way to get into that habit and Amazon Audible India is one of the best audiobooks app for this purpose. Recently Amazon Audible has released an Audible India exclusive version with a more Indian market friendly price starting with a 30 day trial. In this Amazon Audible India Review we tell you how different the Amazon Audible India is from the global version and how to use it.

amazon audible India

Read about our Amazon Audible India Review 2020 directly by clicking here.

Importance of Reading Books

Reading books have long been acclaimed as a very important activity to expand our mindset. Books are building blocks for anyone who is willing to gain knowledge and skills. The importance of reading books is immense, for people of all age groups, whether you are a student or past that stage. You never stop learning in your life and reading books are a medium to achieve it. Reading books makes us a better communicator, enhances our communication skills by enhancing our vocabulary.

Everyone who is successful has known to suggest reading books. It is not about formal books but rather the books which impart you knowledge of real world problem which actually affect the world and how the author dealt with it.

It means reading books also helps you in gaining the same experience that the author has gone through. You get to live the life of the author and experience what he or she went through and learn not to make the same mistakes.

amazon audible India review

Not only that, books are an important means to self development and self introspection and search inwards on how to be a better person. May it be spiritual growth, purely gaining knowledge or for financial goals, books play an important role.

Even in fictional books you get to transfer to another world while reading them. It acts as a great escape. All in all developing the habit of reading books is very important.

Trouble in Developing Reading Habits – Need of Best Audiobooks

Now that we have discussed the importance of reading books, we should also understand the problems some people face in starting to develop reading habits. The main reasons in struggling to develop reading habits are –

  • Time – Unlike listening and watching, reading is an active work meaning you need to be focused on your reading to completely grasp it and it requires time. Not many people are able to find time separately from their busy schedule.
  • Short Attention Span – Another major factor in the inability to develop reading habits is the short attention span people have and cannot read books for a long time or just unable to complete a book.

Solution to this – Audiobooks

best audiobooks - amazon audible India review

A great solution to the above issue is the use of audiobooks. Audiobooks are great alternative to books. Listening to audiobooks is a passive work and does not need your attention totally.

Unlike reading books which is an active work, listening to audiobooks is very easy even while you work on anything else, you can continue listening to your audiobook without much of an issue. Multi tasking is definitely a possibility.

Amazon Audible India to the Rescue

Amazon’s Audible is a monthly subscription service which you can access using the Audible app in mobile or you can also access the Audible website. The Amazon Audible provides you with a platform to listen to a whole library of audiobooks. You will get the best audiobooks in Amazon Audible. Earlier this Amazon Audible was available as a global service but much to the delight of Indian fans of best audiobooks, Amazon has come up with Audible India which is exclusive to India. Now the Amazon Audible India has a lot of great features but also has some cons, all of which we will discuss.

Amazon Audible India Review 2020

The first thing that puts the Amazon Audible India at advantage is the 30 day trial that they provide to new users. This is absolutely great as a new user may not be familiar with the service and first want to test it out and check whether it is suitable for them or not, if they do not like they can simply cancel it anytime they like.

For Prime Users there is a bonus offer. This 30 day trial of Amazon Audible is extended to 90 days for Prime Users.

Amazon Audible India

One of the best feature that Amazon Audible brings offers is the option of exchanging your audiobook in case you do not like it. This feature is still available in your trial period. All these makes the Amazon Audible India a must have app for book lovers or for anyone who want to get into the habit of reading books and want to start with audiobooks. Some of the other great features in Amazon Audible India are –

  • 1 Audiobook is free per month till your subscription continues.
  • Even if you cancel your subscription, you can keep your audiobook with you forever.
  • Swap any audiobook you do not like for free with any other audiobook.
  • 30% off on any additional purchase of audiobook except the 1 free audiobook per month.
  • Get to listen to Audible Originals for free till your subscription continues.
  • You can listen to the best audiobooks in Amazon Audible India in any medium you like for example phone, tablet, PC, etc.

Now that we have discussed the features that Amazon Audible India provides in brief let us now discuss it in details. We will start from scratch from how to avail the 30 day trial, how to get Audible India membership in case you do not have a credit card and the various features and benefits of Amazon Audible India.

How to start Amazon Audible India membership?

In India as discussed you will get the 30 day trial if you are a new user and for Amazon Prime Users you get 90 days trial. But that trial comes with a stipulation. The stipulation or condition is that you need to get a automatic payment deduction method. This means that to avail the 30 day trial for Amazon Audible India you need to use Indian credit card or any ICICI, Citibank or Kotak Bank debit card. If you can add this payment method during the order then only you are eligible of Amazon Audible India Trial.

amazon audible review

You can click on the above link to avail your Amazon Audible India Free Trial. It will take you to Amazon where you need to login to your amazon account and fill the payment method as one of the options that we mentioned above and simply start enjoying your Audible India subscription using the Audible app. After the trial period is over you will be charged Rs. 199 per month from the payment method you added. Otherwise you can cancel the membership anytime before the 30 day trial period ends.

Now if you are interested in Audible India membership but have no credit card or any debit card from the 3 banks as mentioned above then you still enjoy Audible India membership. The second method of Amazon Audible India membership is the one time payment method. Here you can enjoy Audible membership by paying once using any of the common payment methods like Debit card or net banking but Amazon does not provide their trial offer with this method.

The second method as we mentioned is a one time payment and can be bought by using any payment method. These one time payment membership are offered on the basis of time period for how long you want the membership. You can avail 1 month, 6 months or 12 months one time payment as per your wish. All the features of Amazon Audible India remains same in this payment method and there is nothing to worry. Although the price will be little more than the automatic method. You can check the price in the Amazon page for Audible by clicking the show all plans option.

Is Audible Free with Amazon Prime India

Amazon Prime members always get special treatment from Amazon. Along with the special offers for Amazon Prime like Prime Deals, original shows on Amazon Prime, 1 Day delivery and ad free music, along with these Amazon has also provided a special offer for the Amazon Prime users. Amazon Prime members get 90 days trial instead of the 30 days trial for a normal members who want to try Amazon Audible India for the first time.

In this 90 days trial Prime users get all the similar features as a normal membership. You get 1 audiobook per month for free that means for the time period of 90 days you are getting 3 Audiobooks absolutely free. These 3 audiobooks you will be able to keep with you for your lifetime.

Another great feature that we already mentioned is that you can exchange an audiobook incase you did not like it very much and it is possible to exchange it even if you finish listening to it. That means there are N no. of audiobooks you can finish in that membership period through swapping but own only 3 at a time (if you need more than 3 you need the buy the audiobooks available at discounted price).

NOTE : Exchanging audiobooks is only possible till your trial period lasts or your paid membership lasts. After that period or membership is over you will not be able to exchange the audiobook and the one you have currently you can keep for lifetime.

NOTE : For Prime Members as of 3rd August, 2020, currently Amazon India is providing free 5 audiobooks instead of the 3 ones for 90 days. That means 5 free credits will be provided to you on the course of your 90 days free trial. Don’t forget to grab the offer. Offer may be for limited time period and should be verified in Amazon website itself.

Audible India Member Benefits & Features of Audible India

Now that you know the pricing and process of starting the Audible India membership, let us now see the benefits that an Amazon Audible India member will get if he or she decides to get the membership.

Free audiobook every month till you continue membership

The first and most important feature that makes Audible India so great is that they provide one free audiobook each and every month till you continue your membership. This audiobook is not decided by Amazon. Amazon simply provides you with 1 credit point each month. It is using this same credit that you can buy any audiobook of your choice no matter the cost. It may even be the costliest book in their library but Amazon will keep their promise and you can buy it using this credit which is basically absolutely free.

Otherwise for any other book more than the one credited, you need to buy using your own money. More on this later in the next section.

Carry Forwarding of Free Credits

In Audible India membership you get free one credit for each month of your subscription. Now many users may not be wanting to utilise their credit for that month for various reasons like no good book available or waiting for the latest audiobooks to release in the upcoming months. Audible India also takes care of this as you can carry forward up to 6 free credits in your account. That the credits for up to 6 months can be carry forwarded at a time. If your account accumulates more than 6 credits then the extra credit will simply be discarded. The lifetime of the credits seem to be infinite as Amazon does not tell us about any validity period.

If I Cancel Audible Can I Still Use My Credits?

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that although credits do get carry forwarded, once you cancel your membership these credits will be terminated. For example if you have 4 credits in a given month and you have requested for cancellation of membership from next month onward, then your credits will be terminated on next month 1st Day itself. So it is advisable to use all your free credits before your membership deadline arrives.

30% off on any additional purchase of audiobooks

Now as we discussed that you will be getting 1 free credit per month which can be used to buy 1 free audiobook. For additional book that you want to purchase you need to purchase it using your own money. But there is another advantage that Audible India members get to enjoy. That is that when you are member of Audible India you get to buy the Audiobooks at discounted price always. It means that till the time your membership is on, you get 30% off on any audiobook that you are planning to purchase and this is not a time based offer but something you will always have till the membership last. You never pay full price for your audiobook.

Swap any audiobook you do not like for free with any other audiobook

In case you do not like the audiobook that you have you can simply exchange it with any other audiobook in the Audible library. The best thing about Amazon Audible India is that they did not specify any limit on the number of exchanges. Meaning you can exchange n no. of times. On a single purchase of audiobook you can listen to multiple audiobooks by simply exchanging it. This exchange offer last as long as you have the membership.

Even if you have completed listening to an audiobook you can still exchange it. There is no limitation set by Amazon. The exchange offer is also applicable during the trial period offered by Amazon.

 Keep your audiobook with you forever

Once you buy your audiobook, you can keep it with you forever even if your membership is over, you can still use the audiobook. The audiobook will be linked to your Amazon account and you can use it forever.

Get to listen to your audiobooks anywhere

Audiobooks that you purchase in your Amazon Audible India account are seamlessly synced throughout the devices that you use. Suppose you listened to an audiobook in your phone and now want to shift to your tablet, it is easily possible as the audiobooks are synced and you can resume from the point you left in your phone.

Offline Access to your Audiobooks

You can download the audiobooks that you buy and simply access it offline anytime you want. Audiobooks are usually only few MBs in size and hence will not take much of your space either. This is a good option that you get in the Audible India App.

Audible Original Library

Another big advantage of Audible India Membership is you get many Audible originals to listen to. These are series, narrative adaption of famous books, interviews or simply podcast. There is a wide variety of Audible Originals which is absolutely free for you, and you get almost unlimited listening hours. This is a feature that alone makes the Audible India worth subscribing to.

Other Features of Audible India

Some other features that you get in Audible India is the ability to bookmark your audiobook and resume listening to the place where you left off or rewind back to a place you liked from before. The narration speed can also be controlled as per your wish from 0.5x to 3.0x as per your convenience. Also you get a sleep timer for when you sleep off accidentally and do not want the audiobook to keep running till morning. You can set it for an hour or whatever as per your convenience.

Some Cons of Audible India

Like any other product or service that exists, along with all the pros and benefits that it may offer, there will always be some cons. It is the same with Audible India. Here are some of the cons of Amazon Audible India –

  • Audibooks are costly – Unlike ebooks or even paperbacks, audiobooks are costlier in case you want to buy additional audiobooks except the free ones that Amazon provides. Despite the 30% discount Amazon provides you, these Audiobooks are still going to costly more than books.
  • Not the best choice for binge readers – As we said the price of the audiobooks are higher than normal and incase you are interested in buying a lot of them then you need to invest a lot of money. vs

So before you decide you take subscription of Audible, you should be informed about the major differences between Amazon Audible India and the USA or global version. Here are some of the key differences between them –

  • Price – is considerably costlier per month than the Audible India. Audible India is priced at Rs. 199 per month and is priced at 14.95 dollars or Rs. 1115 per month approximately. The price difference is humongous and does not make the worth it for Indian users.
  • Audible Library – Audible Library in is considerably larger and you get even more Audible Originals than the Indian version. But you get Hindi audiobooks in Audible India.
  • Amazon Prime Exclusive – For Prime members, Audible India provides 90 days trial period while in Amazon Prime users will get free2 audiobooks instead 1 per month even after the trial period. This is a great advantage that they have.

Is Audible India Worth it – Our Final Verdict

Amazon Audible India Review

After discussing all the features we do think it is worth taking the Amazon Audible India subscription. The free trial that Amazon provides is a no go especially for Prime Users as Amazon provides 90 days free trial for Prime Users. Even a normal user will get 30 days free trial. Although audiobooks are costly, Amazon’s exchange offer lets you swap as many as audiobooks as you want as they did not put any limit on it. You only pay when you want to own the audiobooks that too is 30% discounted price.

The Audible Originals are also another reason for subscribing to Audible India and you can enjoy the podcasts and original narrations as much as you want. You also get children books in your Audible India App which you can play for your children. We definitely recommend going for Amazon Audible India.

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Amazon Audible India review

Audible India is a no brainer and can go for it blindly with their 30 days free trial and free audiobooks and unlimited exchanged or swap between audiobooks even if you have finished reading.

User Friendly







  • 30 days free trial for new users, Prime users get 90 days free trial.
  • Get 1 credit per month using which you can buy audiobooks of any price.
  • Swap between audiobooks for free for unlimited no. of times even if you have finished reading the audiobook.
  • Audible Originals to keep you busy.
  • Get discount on audiobooks, never pay full price.


  • Audiobooks will still be costly compared to normal books.
  • Not the best choice for binge readers.
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