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Best Gaming Chair | Work from Home Office Chair in India 2020

Whether you do work from home or you are a gamer, you require a gaming chair or office chair for a comfortable gaming or work session. In this blog we list down the best gaming chair or office chair in India which you can buy in 2020. The computer chair is multipurpose and can be used for work from home or for gaming and they come in all sorts from heavily cushioned to netted back for good airflow, revolving chair to fixed study chair. We also list down dedicated gaming chair for serious gamer who want a colorful and varied reclining angles for their gaming experience.

If you are only interested in dedicated gaming chair then you can read about them here.

Why do we need office chair for work from home?

We have been thrown into work from home almost suddenly and that has left a lot of us unprepared and almost with a half baked set up. It has been almost 3 months since work from home has continued and what once felt like a short run has now has no end for the foreseeable future. We left working on bed, uncomfortable chair, etc.

This half baked set up that we have for ourselves will lead to a lot of issue like back pain, bad posture, etc. Hence it becomes important for us to go with a chair to comfort our back or improve our posture. These office chair comes with ergonomic design to perfectly fit your back or these computer chair comes with soft cushion or memory foam to relieve your stress as you work for long hours. They are also available as revolving chair which provides great choice for easy moving around.

For gamers – is a dedicated gaming chair must?

The features that different a gaming chair from an office chair is that gaming chair comes with more reclining angle options allowing you to recline further back. Also a gaming chair is more strongly build to take the stress of an excited or even rage gamer who likes to jump, show excitement or frustration on the chair. These gaming chairs are more durable for the rough usage of a gamer.

Gaming chair also comes in much more colorful options to match the personality of a gamer. The reclining feature of the gaming chair combined with the design of it to fit the shape of your back prevents muscle stiffness and promotes better posture and blood circulation.

Ultimately office chair and gaming chair can both be interchanged and ultimately depends upon the preference of the buyer.

Best Office Chair in India 2020 – At a glance

CELLBELL C54 High Back Revolving Boss ChairBUY ON AMAZON
APEX Chairs™ Apollo Chrome Base Office ChairBUY ON AMAZON
Medium Back Home Office Ergonomic ChairBUY ON AMAZON
Bantia Radius Ergonomic Racing Office ChairBUY ON AMAZON

Best Dedicated Gaming Chair in India 2020 – At a glance

Ant Esports WB-8077 Green Gaming ChairBUY ON AMAZON
Nokaxus Gaming Chair YK-608-WHITEBUY ON AMAZON
Ant E Sports GameX Delta Gaming ChairBUY ON AMAZON
Uberlyfe 360 Degree Swivel Gaming ChairBUY ON AMAZON

Bonus – Alternatives to Gaming Chair or Office Chair

Amazon Brand – Solimo XXXL Bean Bag CoverBUY ON AMAZON
Royaloak Divine Single Seater Rocking ReclinerBUY ON AMAZON

Best Office Chair in India 2020 – In details

1. CELLBELL C54 High Back Revolving Boss Chair

best gaming chair office chair
CELLBELL C54 High Back Revolving Boss Chair

The first entry in our list of best office chair is from CELLBELL. This is a high back chair meaning the back of the chair is high enough for you to rest your head. This office chair comes with thick padding of 4 inch which allow for long duration usage without any pain to your back.

The computer chair is build on a strong wooden frame for long durability with high back which is padded with extra layer of foam for your comfort. Even the arms are come with extra padding for you to rest upon. The material on top is of leatherette of high quality which last longer than other chairs. The beautiful leather blends this chair with your home decor.

This is also a revolving chair as with 5 strong wheels on a chrome base. The wheels are smooth and easy to roll on. The height can also be adjusted up to 5 inch.

For your posture correction the chair comes with S shape with added padding on head area for a comfortable leaning back and head support. This avoid neck pain on long time usage. The maximum weight capacity of this office is 110 kg. The chair is Do-it-yourself assembly style.

Key Points

+ Wooden frame and chrome base makes the office chair durable.
+ 4 inch added foam for extra comfort and avoid stress and pain.
+ 5 strong wheels to avoid tipping over.
+ Height can be adjusted for 5 inches.
+ Tilt lock provided.
+ 360 degrees rotation.

Tilting angle is limited.

2. APEX Chairs™ Apollo Chrome Base Office Chair

best office chair
APEX Chairs™ Apollo Chrome Base Office Chair

The second entry in our list of best office chair is the APEX Chairs™ Apollo Chrome Base Office Chair. This is a strictly work for home office laptop with a strong build quality. The back of this computer chair is a mesh design for increased air flow while also supporting your back. This decreases heat on your back and reduce sweating if you are working at a hot place.

The material of this computer chair is that of co polymer with black contoured mesh back and Strong Plastic Armrest. The plastic armrest may not be for all but the design of the chair is to keep it similar and strict for work. The seat of this chair is 2 inches thick and provides extra comfort. Though for long term sitting session you may need to consider other chair.

Chrome plated Metal Base is present in this revolving chair of 5 wheels making it comfortable for sliding, rotating and titling back as the base provides strong support. The height of this office chair can be adjusted up to 5 inches.

This computer chair also comes with head rest pad for extra support to your head. This head rest can also be adjusted in height for up to 2 inches.

Key Points

+ Co polymer build makes it lightweight.
+ Mesh design on back for increased air flow.
+ 5 wheels on chrome base for increased support.
+ Adjustable height up to 5 inches with head pad adjustable up to 2 inches.

Plastic armrest not that comfortable.
2 inches seat padding not comfortable for long seating session.
Tilt angle limited to 125 degrees.

3. Medium Back Home Office Ergonomic Chair

best office chair
Medium Back Home Office Ergonomic Chair

If comfort and extra soft cushioned revolving chair is what you are looking for then this is the perfect office chair for you. The third entry in our list of best office chair is a medium back chair meaning the height is just up to your neck or lower half of head depending on your height. This revolving chair is made of PU faux leather for soft touch and has extra padding and cushion to comfort your back.

This revolving chair is meant for people who face back pain issues while working and need to lean back on a soft cushion from time to time. Without the need of getting up from the chair you can take advantage of its cushion back for easing your back pain.

The chair has padded arm rest for you to rest your hands and avoid any pain in your hands either while you type away on your computer. The rest of the features of this chair is the same with tilted back and tilt control. 360 degrees rotation swivel is provided for multitasking benefit. The chrome base has 5 wheels to support you and avoid falling over.

Key Points

+ Extra padded cushion and PU faux leather for comfort and sotness.
+ Padded arm rest for your hands.
+ Tilt control and height adjustment provided.
+ 360 degrees rotation with 5 wheels.

Medium back not high enough for head rest.

4. Bantia Radius Ergonomic Racing Office Chair

best office chair
Bantia Radius Ergonomic Racing Office Chair

The fourth entry in our list of best office chair is a racing chair style. This is a colorful entry in our list with high quality PU leather material which lasts long. This chair is comfortable to use and has convenient arm rest which reclining in shape for your arms to rest. Although the arm rest is not padded, it is comfortable enough for work usage.

The 5 wheels are smooth on the chrome base and provides good support for you and avoids falling over even if you tilt back. This office chair can recline between 90 – 110 degrees and has 10 cm adjustment lifting to match your height. The chair also provides for a 360 degree swivel rotation. This chair is a good choice for the users who want something between an office chair and a gaming chair.

Key Points

+ Colorful design with PU leather for comfort and durability.
+ Height adjustment and tilt adjustment available.
+ 360 degree rotation for multitasking.
+ Good intermediate choice between gaming chair and office chair.

Tilt is limited to 110 degrees.
No arm rest padding.

Best Dedicated Gaming Chair in India 2020 – In details

1. Ant Esports WB-8077 Green Gaming Chair

best gaming chair
Ant Esports WB-8077 Green Gaming Chair

The first entry in our list of best gaming chair is from Ant Esports. This revolving chair is made of PU Casters for a durable design and comes with strong metal base to support the chair for long term usage.

The height of this chair can be adjusted easily because of the provided 80 mm Class 4 Gas Fit which makes it easy for to adjust the height. The backrest is also adjustable ranging from 90-135 degrees angle which is just the perfect range required for a gamer. For a hardcore gamer this chair comes with a 15 degree rocking range and thus will not break easily even with the heavy gaming sessions.

For your head rest a separate cushion is provided which you can attach to the top. The chair is do it yourself which means you need to assemble it yourself once you get the product. The leather is water proof and anti microbial. Other features are common like 5 wheels, 360 degree rotation and tilt lock.

Key Points

+ PU Casters and PVC for durable structure and comfortable sitting.
+ Padded arm rest.
+ Major features like 360 degree rotation, 5 wheels and tilt lock included.
+ Tilting angle 90 – 135 degrees.
+ 15 degree rocking range for shock absorbing.

Height is not much hence uncomfortable for tall people.
Back rest and seat connected together and tilts together.

2. Nokaxus Gaming Chair YK-608-WHITE

gaming chair
Nokaxus Gaming Chair YK-608-WHITE

The second entry in our list of gaming chairs is the famous Nokaxus gaming chair. This is made of high quality PU Leather material for extra comfort and durability. The chair is equipped with large and soft hand rails for your resting and the back of the chair is quite wide and large giving you extra room to move your body a little as you are immersed in an intense gaming session.

This gaming chair is safe with SGS Class 3 barometer for safely adjusting height. The tilt angle of this chair is dynamic and can serve multipurpose, not just for gaming as the angle can range from 90 – 180 degrees. This makes it a multipurpose chair where you can work, game or even rest. The back pad comes with USB connection with massaging motor using which you can massage your back after a long streaming session.

Along with the full 180 degree tilt they provide a headrest. The selling point of this gaming chair is that it comes with leg rest like a recliner which makes it just the perfect chair for all kinds of usage. Other common features like 5 wheels and 360 rotation are also included in this chair.

Key Points

+ PU leather material for comfortable use.
+ Padded hand rails and head rest pad included.
+ Back Rest comes with USB massager to massage your back.
+ 180 degrees tilt angle.
+ Leg rest available like recliner

3. Ant E Sports GameX Delta Gaming Chair

best gaming chair
Ant E Sports GameX Delta Gaming Chair

The third entry in our list of best gaming chair is another ANT chair. This is made of quality PU PVC cover with high density foam for added comfort. This chair comes with metal frame construction making it durable for the hardcore gaming sessions. The colour is catchy and is a instant attraction for any gamer.

The backrest is soft and well padded along with the head rest. The back has tilt functionalities with variable angle of 90 – 178 degrees, This makes it perfect for gaming sessions with the wide angle tilt that it provides. The seat itself has bucket shape to tuck you in comfortably and provide side padding as well.

The arm rest of this chair is adjustable. This revolving chair has all over major features like 360 degrees rotation, 5 wheels base and tilt lock system. All these features make this chair a must buy.

Key Points

+ High quality PU leather material with high density foam.
+ Tilting angle is 178 degree making it a perfect choice for gaming.
+ Adjustable height of arm rest.
+ Bucket shaped seat for side padding comfort.

Arm rest is not padded.

4. Uberlyfe 360 Degree Swivel Gaming Chair

best gaming chair
Uberlyfe 360 Degree Swivel Gaming Chair

The fourth and last entry in our list of gaming chair is the Uberlyfe chair. This is a platform gaming chair which basically means it is mainly meant for gaming on a PlayStation or a X-Box or similar console on large TV. As you can see this chair has no arm rest and is tilted way back, this makes it perfect for a comfortable gaming session in front of a large TV with a joystick in hand.

The material of this chair is high density thickly padded foam with steel structure meaning it can last longer even with daily usage. The padding is comfortable not just for gaming but also for resting. The fabric of the chair is very soft, has great texture and is safe. The chair comes with 3 different tilting positions which you can set and work at.

The main feature of this chair is that it can be fully folded and tucked away which can help you to manage space when you are need of. The chair has 360 degrees rotation swivel for multitasking.

Key Points

+ Platform Gaming chair design with laid back back rest.
+ Fixed tilted back position for gaming on large TVs.
+ 3 tilting positions availabled.
+ Can be fully folded.

Not leather hence it may be issue when water is spilled over it.

Bonus – Alternatives to Gaming Chair or Office Chair – Lets look in details

1. Amazon Brand – Solimo XXXL Bean Bag Cover

best gaming bean bag
Amazon Brand – Solimo XXXL Bean Bag Cover

The first alternative we want to suggest is for gaming chair. If you are just into casual gaming and do not want to buy the expensive gaming chairs, then buying a bean bag is just the right choice for you as you can easily hang out with your friends and continue your gaming sessions on it. The bean bag is an inexpensive buy and will serve many purpose to you and not just for gaming.

This bean bag from Solimo is a great buy for a comfortable gaming session. The material is leatherette with superior tear resistance. It also comes with double protection of velcro and zipper to keep the beans from spilling over (pun). This is a bag cover only product and beans need to be bought separately.

2. Royaloak Divine Single Seater Rocking Recliner

best office chair
Royaloak Divine Single Seater Rocking Recliner

The second alternative we are suggesting is for office chairs. For people who are suffering from back pain and are in a dire need of a comfortable sitting hours and also for whom price is not an issue, the RoyalOak recliner is just the perfect choice. Made of extremely fine fabric with extra padding to ease your back pain this recliner is not to be missed. The frame of the recliner is made of solid wood for long lasting and durable build quality. The locking mechanism is manual.

best laptop stand
HUANUO Laptop Lap Desk Stand

Along with the recliner you will require to use a laptop table on your thighs while you continue to work. One of our suggestion is this HUANUO laptop table which comes with comfortable cushion for your thighs. This laptop table also has a cushion on front for you to rest your hand. The slots are cut out for you to place your iPad and phone while you keep working on your laptop. A mouse pad is in-built on the right side provided proper traction for your mouse movement. The quality of the laptop table is of top notch with good wood material being used to construct it.

If you want to check out more choices of laptop table to choose from check out our list of best laptop table for bed in India.

Major points to consider while buying a gaming or office chair

Should I buy a mesh back rest or padded back rest?

The mesh back rest provides better air flow but the padded back rest will allow you to work for longer duration and rest while being on the chair itslef.

Should I buy a platform gaming chair or racing chair?

If you are into casual gaming and gaming on a large TV then a laid back tilt of a platform gaming chair is more suitable for you. But if you are gaming on a laptop then you need a closer access to the monitor and obviously to the keyboard and mouse. Your arms will get tired and hence a racing chair with a proper arm rest is preferred.

If I already have a office chair should I still buy a dedicated gaming chair?

As you can see the features of the gaming chair listed in our blog, they have got a very wide tilting angle and high durable structure. This is unlike the office chair with limited tilt. The tilting angle of a gaming chair allows for gaming on multiple platform and also just more comfortable to game or stream for long hours. Also the colour of the gaming chair is attractive for your streaming sessions.

Best Gaming and Office Chair – The final verdict

We have listed our picks for office chair and gaming chair for your home and also some alternatives for you choose. Our personal recommendation for office chair would be APEX Chairs™ Apollo Chrome Base Office Chair if you want a mesh build. If you want a soft padded office chair then you can go for CELLBELL C54 High Back Revolving Boss Chair.

For gaming chair we suggest going for the Ant E Sports GameX Delta Gaming Chair. Otherwise if casual gaming is what you aim for on a console then Amazon Brand – Solimo XXXL Bean Bag Cover is a great choice.

If you suffer from back pain a lot and money is not an issue then Royaloak Divine Single Seater Rocking Recliner is a must buy.

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