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Best iPad 2020 | Is iPad 6th Generation still worth buying?

iPads have been a rage as one of the best tablet but for a new buyer it maybe hard to decide which is the best iPad to buy. Here in this blog I will help you make an informed decision with this iPad buying guide on which is the best iPad for you according to your requirements and also tell you why iPad is considered the best tablet, despite their price, especially for students. We will also discuss whether iPad 6th Generation is still worth buying in 2020.

You can directly read about the best iPad list by clicking here.

Why iPad is the best tablet?

Best iPad Buying Guide
iPad Pro

Now iPads themselves have become a brand in itself that the comparison usually has come down to iPad vs tablets. The factors that contribute to the iPad being the best tablet can be the optimized iPadOS which utilizes the bionic chipset of Apple to the very best or the range of incredible apps that iPadOS provides which gives an unmatched user interface and who can forget the Apple Pencil and incredibly low latency with which you can write on the iPad giving a paper like experience.

iPad – the perfect choice for students

iPad for students

For college students, especially medical students, the best tablet they can buy has always been the iPad. And to give credit to Apple, iPad is the only product line up in their ecosystem where they provide even their most powerful bionic processor at a much more affordable price point making it an easy choice of best tablet even for students.

The difference between iPad and other tablets

best iPad

Talking about other tablets, none has actually come close to the popularity that iPads enjoy. The direct rival of Apple’s iPad are Android line ups. Though Android have better user friendly interface and easy file transfer and storage system, it still fails to meet the performance that the best iPad can provide. Android tablets usually come with older version of Android OS and considerably lacks the performance and power that iPad packs. The best iPad in terms of performance which is the iPad Pro is compared with even laptops because of their processing power. The low latency of Apple Pencil is also unrivaled by anything that Android provides in any tablet.

The iPad is better than ever with iPadOS 13

iPadOS 13
iPadOS 13

With the all new iPadOS 13, the iPad is now closest to becoming a replacement of a laptop. It now supports a trackpad usage like a laptop. The multitasking in iPadOS is better than ever with slide over apps over another. You can play two apps side by side and also play multiple apps as hover over for whichever apps it supports. You can now also open multiple instances of same app bring the experience closer than ever to a laptop.

The browsing experience in the new iPadOS is the best with desktop class browsing by default. The homepage also has options to pin your favorite widgets. The Apple Pencil now works at latency of as low as 9 ms. The file explorer is also more user friendly than ever and supports external drive.

With the latest iPadOS upgrade the iPad now acts like a sidecar to your macbook i.e. like a dual monitor improving your productivity and also lets you design and draw arts from your macbook on the go. All these latest features have truly propelled the iPad to be the best tablet ever.

Best iPad – iPad Buying Guide at a glance

NameBest ForBuy
iPad 6th GenerationStudents/Extreme BudgetBUY ON AMAZON
iPad 7th GenerationBest Budget iPadBUY ON AMAZON
iPad Mini 2019Smaller/More powerful than the iPadBUY ON AMAZON
iPad Air 2019Better iPad with less price than the ProBUY ON AMAZON
iPad Pro 11 inch 2018Best iPad to buy especially for artistsBUY ON AMAZON
iPad Pro 12.9 inch 2020For latest and powerful performance freaksBUY ON AMAZON

Best iPad – iPad Buying Guide in details

1. iPad 6th Generation

best ipad 6th generation
  • Display – 9.7 inch retina display.
  • Security – Touch ID.
  • Processor – A10 bionic chipset with M10 secondary chip.
  • Camera – 8 MP rear camera and 1.2 MP front camera.
  • Storage – 32 GB and 128 GB.
  • RAM – 2 GB.
  • Apple Pencil – 1st Generation.
  • Port – Lightning connector.

What works and what does not

iPad’s base variant has been the most popular line up of their brand with a very affordable price bracket. Featuring a 9.7 inch retina display this iPad has sharp details and vibrant colors. The iPad 6th Generation comes with A10 bionic processor which is more than powerful to play any games for example Pubg Mobile at HD settings. Editing RAW images on the iPad is as fast as editing them on a flagship android phone.

The storage of iPad 6th Generation at 32 GB is lacking if compared to 2020 and the inability to expand storage is another problem. The RAM of 2 GB might seem less but Apple has immensely optimized their iPadOS so that you dont see any issue in the performance. The camera of iPad 6th Generation is average at best but it does its work and no one really buys an iPad for its camera.

iPad 6th Generation supports the first generation of Apple Pencil but it works more than enough. The gap between the glass display makes a hollow sound when you write using the Apple pencil and does not give the paperlike writing and drawing feel.

Is iPad 6th Generation still worth buying?

For students the budget matters the most. Here comes the role of 6th Gen iPad providing a powerful processor at a reasonable price. With all the necessary features required for a student to make notes or for an artist to draw their creativity the iPad 6th Generation is still worth buying. In our iPad buying guide we recommend this as the the best tablet and the best iPad for students. But if you are able to invest a little bit more then buying the 7th Generation iPad might be a better option. We will discuss it next.

Pros and Cons

+ Cheapest iPad.
+ A10 Processor is powerful enough for daily usage.
+ Will still receive iPadOS 13 update.

Gap between screen.
2 GB RAM is not enough for multitasking.

2. iPad 7th Generation

iPad 7th Generation
  • Display – 10.2 inch retina display.
  • Security – Touch ID.
  • Processor – A10 bionic chipset with M10 secondary chip.
  • Camera – 8 MP rear camera and 1.2 MP front camera.
  • Storage – 32 GB and 128 GB.
  • RAM – 3 GB.
  • Apple Pencil – 1st Generation.
  • Port – Lightning connector.

What works and what does not

The latest base variant of Apple’s line up of tablets comes as iPad 7th Generation with a slightly larger display of 10.2 inch retina display. The body size although stays the same as the previous model, iPad 6th Generation. Everything else stays the same in this version of iPad with the same A10 bionic chipset. This comes as a disappointment as Apple could have atleast provided their A11 chipset and make the iPad 7th Generation more future proof.

But that does not mean the iPad is not good. Infact this tablet from Apple is the best yet for the budget range with minimal increment in price from iPad 6th Generation. With a bigger display it gives more room for writing notes and to draw your mind. The larger the screen the better the experience of viewing media. Also being the latest iPad in the base range, Apple will support this iPad 7th Generation for a longer period of times.

The camera stays the same but with better processing. The front camera serves its purpose but leaves room for more as 1.2 MP is way lower than industry standards.

The new iPad now also comes with a smart connector for using Apple Smart Keyboard which was available with its pro line up.

Why should we buy the iPad 7th Generation over iPad 6th Generation?

In our iPad buying guide its our responsibility to tell the nooks and crooks about the product. Now being the latest in line the 7th Gen comes with 3 GB RAM. The extra 1 GB than iPad 6th Generation may not seem much but in the long run the latest iPad will be future protected and will not require upgrading. Also multitasking feels smoother in the 7th Gen. So for students who can afford to go little more on the budget then the best iPad and best tablet for them is the 7th Generation iPad.

The 7th Gen also comes with iPadOS 13 out of the box and brings a plethora of new features which makes the 7th Generation a truly superior to the iPad 6th Generation.

Apple Pencil Performance

Apple Pencil 1st Generation

Apple Pencil First Generation works great with the iPad 7th Generation. This makes the iPad 7th Generation most budget friendly tablet for students for them to take notes on.

Pros and Cons

+ Best budget iPad.
+ Bigger 10.2 inch display.
+ 3 GB RAM better for multitasking than iPad 6th Generation.
+ Comes with smart connector for keyboard.
+ Comes wwith iPadOS 13 out of the box.

A10 bionic chip. Expected A11 atleast.
Gap between screen.
Still sports thick bezels.

3. iPad Mini 2019

iPad Mini
  • Display – 7.9 inch retina display.
  • Security – Touch ID.
  • Processor – A12 bionic chipset with M12 secondary chip.
  • Camera – 8 MP rear camera and 7 MP front camera.
  • Storage – 64 GB and 256 GB.
  • RAM – 3 GB.
  • Apple Pencil – 1st Generation.
  • Port – Lightning connector.

What works and what does not

The most powerful iPad with the least price in our iPad buying guide is the iPad Mini. Though having a smaller screen at 7.9 inch, the iPad mini is the best iPad for any gamer who wants the power packed performance that Apple processor provides. The display is also laminated unlike the iPad 7th Generation which has considerable gap between screens. The iPad Mini comes with a A12 bionic processor and leaves the base variant behind in dust in terms of performance benchmarks.

The iPad Mini has absolutely been a rage amongst performance lovers where you can get the Pro level chipset in such a price bracket. The iPad Mini can play pubg with high frame rates with absolutely no lag.

Also the form factor of the iPad Mini makes it the best iPad in our iPad buying guide for people who like tablet which are closer to a phone i.e. the perfect phablet. The compact design of the iPad Mini enables it for long duration holding for book reading or graphic novels reading. The iPad Mini is obviously worth it and the best tablet or best iPad to buy if you want a small yet powerful capable tablet.

The cons of iPad Mini is that because of the smaller screen it will be tough for students to pen down their notes or for artists to draw properly. Otherwise this iPad is simply the best tablet you can go for at the price range which it comes.

Pros and Cons

+ A12 bionic chipset at low cost.
+ Larger storage of 64 GB and 256 GB.
+ Improved camera with 7 MP front camera.
+ Laminated screen.
+ Compact form factor.

Small screen is not good for writing notes.

4. iPad Air 2019

iPad Air 2019 best iPad
  • Display – 10.5 inch retina display.
  • Security – Touch ID.
  • Processor – A12 bionic chipset with M12 secondary chip with Neural engine
  • Camera – 8 MP rear camera and 7 MP front camera.
  • Storage – 64 GB and 256 GB.
  • RAM – 3 GB.
  • Apple Pencil – 1st Generation.
  • Port – Lightning connector with fast charging.

What works and what does not

The fourth entry in our iPad buying guide is the iPad Air 2019. It has the same dimensions of iPad Pro line with a display of 10.5 inch. The iPad Air is a affordable Pro with almost similar properties. The display is fully laminated with no gap in between. It also features wider color palette, True Tone display and anti reflecting coating. The true tone display does turn the display more yellowish than the iPad 7th Generation but nevertheless the screen is as vibrant as ever.

Along with a larger screen it doubles the performance of the iPad 7th Generation with the A12 bionic chipset. Now those who can invest more money can definitely go for the iPad Air as along the similar processing power of iPad Mini it also has the larger display.

The iPad Air comes with a fast charger but still the same old lightning adapter and a USB C port is expected at this price range. The iPad Air also supports smart connector so that you can connect Apple’s smart keyboard and you are good to go.

Unfortunately the iPad Air still uses the same old Apple Pencil First Generation similar to the older iPad 6th Generation or the new 7th Generation. This is a let down as the iPad Air is more aimed towards students and artists will definitely not be able to fully utilize Apple’s latest tech that comes with the Apple Pencil Second Generation.

Pros and Cons

+ Best iPad for drawing at the price.
+ A12 bionic chipset with larger display.
+ Laminated screen, True tone and anti reflective display.
+ Smart Connector.

No USB C port.
Still uses Apple Pencil First Generation.
Only 2 speakers whereas competitors provide 4 speakers.

5. iPad Pro 11 inch 2018

iPad Pro 2019
  • Display – 11 inch retina display.
  • Security – Face ID.
  • Processor – A12X bionic chipset with M12 secondary chip with Neural engine
  • Camera – 12 MP rear camera and 7 MP front camera. 12 MP wide angle rear camera, 10 MP ultra wide angle camera, LiDAR scanner and 7 MP front camera.
  • Storage – 64 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB.
  • RAM – 4 GB.
  • Apple Pencil – 2nd Generation.
  • Port – USB C with fast charging.

What works and what does not

The fifth entry in our iPad buying guide, the iPad Pro which released in 2018 still packs insane amount of power with the A12X bionic chipset. The display is 11 inch but sports the same dimensions making it extremely easy to handle. The thin bezels gives it the most modern look. Apple claims it to be the thinnest and best iPad you can buy. The display is excellent with promotion technology and true tone. The screen is laminated and is anti glare.

For a performance freak, the iPad Pro 2018 is the best iPad and best tablet they can aim for. This tablet is what the Apple has achieved to come closest to laptops (till they release the latest Pro model that is). The power processor handles the 120 Hz display of the iPad Pro really well. Playing games on the iPad Pro is a delight and can even feel overkill. This is not called best iPad just for the sake as it is truly the pinnacle of Apple’s tablets. iPad Pro also has 4 speakers to give the best tablet media experience and making it truly the best iPad.

The iPad Pro comes with USB C port and has fast charging. This combined with the new iPadOS 13 makes this iPad perfect for easy file transfer. The iPadOS 13 has made it easy to connect external drives and comes with the user friendly file explorer but due to the lightning port it was hard for user to connect any external drive which requires heavy power and thus needed to power the iPad while doing file transfer. The USB C port eliminates the need of plugging in power while file transfer.

The iPad Pro also supports the latest Apple Pencil Second Generation with magnetic charging ability. It is easy to hold the Apple Pencil along with the iPad unlike its younger brother which need a special case to hold the Apple Pencil.

Pros and Cons

+ Best and most powerful iPad to buy at this price.
+ ProMotion display.
+ USB C port with fast charging.
+ 4 speakers.
+ Apple Pencil Second Generation support.

Headphone adapter not included.

6. iPad Pro 12.9 inch 2020

best ipad
  • Display – 12.9 inch retina display.
  • Security – Face ID.
  • Processor – A12Z bionic chipset with M12 secondary chip with Neural engine
  • Camera – 12 MP wide angle rear camera, 10 MP ultra wide angle camera, LiDAR scanner and 7 MP front camera.
  • Storage – 64 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB.
  • RAM – 4 GB.
  • Apple Pencil – 2nd Generation.
  • Port – USB C with fast charging.

What works and what does not

The sixth and last entry of our iPad buying guide and the best tablet and the best iPad one can buy if budget is no worries is the iPad Pro 12.9 inch of 2020. There is a lot to talk about the latest entry in the Apple’s tablet family. First of all the iPad comes with the 12.9 inch retina display with True Tone display, ProMotion and P3 wide color. The display is as crisp as ever and is the best iPad can offer. The graphics is also enhanced with 8 core graphics.

The new iPad Pro is more focused towards the augmented reality. It comes with 12 MP wide angle camera and 10 MP ultra wide angle camera and also LiDAR Scanner for AR features. AR has become more optimized than ever with the LiDAR Scanner with Apple claiming almost real life like production of virtual reality.

Closest to being laptop replacement

Magic Keyboard
Magic Keyboard

The best iPad that money can buy is closest to being a laptop replacement with its full cursor support. Apple has also released their new keyboard calling it the Magic keyboard. It has trackpad built into it and the viewing angles that come with the magic keyboard is dynamic. The iPad Pro is a true rival of Microsoft Surface 7 Pro rival.

Pros and Cons

+ Best iPad money can buy.
+ A12Z processor is the best processor in iPad family.
+ Includes LiDAR Scanner for AR experience.
+ Magic keyboard support with improved cursos.

Rear cameras are not that optimized with no portrait nor night mode support.
Apps are not that optimized for trackpad but that may change with iPadOS 14.

Best iPad – The final verdict

The best iPad definitely depends on the requirements of a user but if you want the best tablet that has been produced yet then iPad is definitely unrivaled. The best iPad for budget buyers along with being future proof is the iPad 7th Generation. If performance is what you want and smaller and compact size then iPad Mini 2019 is a must buy. The iPad Pro 2018 is still powerful enough and really the best iPad there is in terms of price to value ratio but if you want best of the best then iPad Pro 2020 is what you are looking for.

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