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Best Tech to Increase Productivity in India for a Millennial (2020)

Technology as we know has come a long way and although it has indeed become a cause of distraction and low attention span, we cannot ignore the larger benefits that those best tech provide. In this blog I am going to discuss about the best tech or gadgets that millennial or students should have in 2020 that will definitely increase their productivity. We will also discuss how this gadgets can be used to maximize our productivity and also beware of possible distractions caused by it.

The age of digitization – a boon for millennial and students

A minimal life is very much important but in this day and age we are surrounded by some best tech and gadgets which can add much more value to our life if we know how best to use them. The invention of gadgets have been done to help us in our day to day life but we have noticed shortening of attention span and wasting time in huge amount of content this new age of internet provides.

But along with that the same internet has provided us an easy access to gain infinite amount of knowledge which helps us in studying without the need of a formal degree. The same internet gives us a minimum cost platform for starting a business, freelancing and much more opportunities to share our talent and work on our productivity. The age of digitization is a boon that a millennial or students can utilize.

The need for best tech – Increasing productivity

Along with digitization and internet which gives us access to vast knowledge library, there are many gadgets that have been made just to make our life easier which a millennial or students can implement. These are some of the best tech that have been made to increase our productivity and add enormous amount of value to our day to day life. Productivity is not just about constantly working all the time but also about refreshing our mind so that when we do resume our work we can start rejuvenated and with new energy. So the gadgets I am going to list will also be about keeping your mind fresh and recharged.

Mobiles and Laptop – Common gadgets for millennial

Laptops and smartphones are most commonly used gadget and though they are the major and probably the most important tech or gadgets that any millennial or students require in this age. These are very essential and everyone already uses them so we are not going to talk about them in our list of best tech. The reason is that these are already well known gadgets and obviously need no discussion. I will try to explore some other gadgets which I feel need to be discussed more.

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5 Best Tech and Gadgets for millennial and students – A glance

Here is my list of best tech which I feel will bring a good change, become a valuable addition in our lives and increase our productivity. These are some gadgets which I feel are must have for a millennial to make their learning process much easier and much more comfortable.

Now students may be thinking these are expensive gadgets to buy and hence I have tried my best to suggest some budget picks for the categories that I mention. Also which best tech you want to buy is totally up to you based on your own personality and the realms you want to explore.

NameOur PickBuy
E-ReaderAll New Kindle 10th GenerationBUY ON AMAZON
Mirrorless CameraFujifilm X-T100BUY ON AMAZON
TabletiPad 7th GenerationBUY ON AMAZON
Noise Cancelling HeadphonesSennheiser HD 4.50 SEBUY ON AMAZON
Bluetooth SpeakersJBL Flip 5BUY ON AMAZON

In addition to the 5 gadgets I have discussed a bonus tech at the end. So be sure to read (or scroll) till the end.

Best Tech for millennial and students – A detailed list

1. E-Reader

Gadgets for a millennial

The first entry in our list of best tech is an e-book reader or an e-reader. From my own personal experience, I can say this is the single most valuable purchase or as I like to call it, investment that I have made on any of the gadgets. I will go as far as to say that you can ignore all other gadgets from this list but this is a must purchase for any millennial, especially for students.

Importance of reading books – not just for students

Books are an important part of knowledge building process for everyone whether a millennial or not, whether they are students or not. They provide a broader perspective to the world and enable us to learn and understand others’ (authors’) point of view. Reading them improves our vocabulary, our communication and language skills. They give us various ways to improve productivity and give us a medium stimulate our creativity as reading is a passive activity and this in turn reduces stress.

Talking about reducing stress, books provide an escape medium to travel to their wonderful world and imagine the world that is being build by the author. This enhances your imagination and creativity.

Why using an e-reader can be better alternative to traditional books?

Now people who are already book lovers may be thinking why to use an e-reader when you have the traditional book reading process. To that I want to share a few points why I think using an e-reader is a better alternative –

  • Free up space – For people like me who travel or are settling in new places or have job transfer, carrying around books can be a hectic work. Now a e-reader or kindle provides us with the opportunity to store as many books as we want in a digital space.
  • Ease of access – We all know how distracting social media can and that is because its so easy to just pick up the phone and get into the habit of scrolling. The same applies when you have a kindle beside you, just pick and read away and work on your productivity.
  • Cheaper books, Cheaper in the long run – E-books are considerably cheaper and you will find many free books and also books on subscription basis, for example Kindle Unlimited.

Our pick for this – budget best tech

best tech or gadgets for millennial

Keeping the budget in mind and also if a new user is going to try out an e-reader then nothing is better than the All New Kindle 10th Generation. Its the base variant of Kindle and a great introduction to the beauty of e-readers. You can read about our All New Amazon Kindle 10th Generation review here.

2. Mirrorless Camera

Gadgets for students
Fujifilm X-T20

The second entry in this list of best tech is a mirrorless camera. Not a dslr but a mirrorless camera and for a reason which I will explain below.

Moments need to captured

Best tech of the world has already evolved a lot and now everyone has a smartphone and capturing images have become very easy and convenient. But still having a camera is recommended as not only you get to understand the beauty of photography but to capture those beautiful moments which won’t come back, with stunningly super sharp details. This hold especially true for college students.

Understand photography and the art behind it

Photography is an art, not just a tool to show off in Instagram but an actual form of art which you need to give enough time and effort. A mirrorless camera is a great introduction to this and to explore the realm of ISO, shutter speed, aperture, etc. In a RAW photo you have more opportunity to explore these properties.

A medium to start online journey

If you ever wished to start a channel in YouTube or upgrade your existing channel or start a vlog, mirrorless cameras are the way to go providing sharp video (upto 4K). It specially holds true for vlog as mirrorless cameras are way lighter than DSLR camera so it will be easier to carry around on your tripod. Definitely a good addition to your productivity.

Finally – Why Mirrorless and not a DSLR

Though DSLRs are still the king in the professional world of photography, this list of best tech is intended to introduce people to lesser talked gadgets to millennial or students. And considering a newbie, a mirrorless is perfect as it is compact, easy to carry around and has most of the features that a DSLR provides.

On the downside, as mirrorless cameras are still one of the newer gadgets, prime lens for it are costlier. But the kit lens will still serve its purpose.

Our pick for this – Fujifilms X-T100

Mirrorless camera for students
Fujifilm X-T100

Keeping in mind the college students, my pick, and the camera which I personally use, is Fujifilm X-T100. It enables 4K recording at 30fps and comes with the beautiful Fujifilm filters. Fujifilm X-T100 review will be up soon.

3. Tablet

tablet for students
iPad Pro

The third entry in our list of best tech for millennial or students is a tablet. Now this is one of the gadgets which is passable, as a laptop can already fulfill its place and notebook might just replace it. But even then I thought discussing a tablet is worth it as it can also increase your productivity. And at the end of this blog I will explain how if you have an iPad, it can be used as a multipurpose device especially if you own an Apple Ecosystem.

Why buy a tablet and which one to buy?

When I am talking about tablets, I am going to recommend the iPad. And this is for a specific reason. The way a tablet increases your productivity is by providing you the freedom to pen down several lines of notes without using paper on an unlimited space in the most creative way possible while also being eco-friendly. This is possible when you use an iPad combined with their Apple Pencil which gives you a paper-like writing experience which very minimal latency. This recommendation is geared mostly towards medical students who need to prepare thousands of lines of notes and draw diagrams.

How else can we use an iPad?

So we discussed about what an invaluable addition a mirrorless camera can be and how its one of the best tech. Now raw images from a professional camera needs to be edited and an iPad is a great way to edit those pictures with great precision as iPads have a wonderful quality display.

Not just that, an iPad is a must have amongst the other best tech for any millennial with a creative mind and an artist who wants to start in the world of digital art and can freelance in this field.

Our pick for starters

iPad 7th Generation
iPad 7th Generation

Our pick for this category is the iPad 7th Generation. Now the base variant of iPad has gap between the screens but for starts this iPad definitely serves more than its purpose. If you are willing to go further then an iPad Air or the iPad Pro is much welcomed. You can read about the best iPad and if is it still worth buying iPad 6th Generation in our detailed review here.

4. Noise Cancelling Headphones

best gadgets for college students

The fourth entry in this list of best tech is the very well know and commonly used – headphones. My reason for mentioning it for millennial or students is that it is one of the gadgets which not just serve as a good piece of entertainment and to refresh your mind but also to increase your productivity while you work.

Why are noise cancelling headphones better?

Students, whether they stay in hostel or stay at home with a big enough family or younger siblings, have to face a lot of noise around them. And the best way to deal with it are noise cancelling headphones. They serve well in reducing the environmental sound and will help in stay concentrated and work on staying productive and increasing your productivity.

A good way to stay concentrated

If you like to listen to some music while working like coding or while writing some blogs like I do, then this is one of the best gadgets. I personally like to listen to instrumentals as they tune out outside noise and also help me to listen to some piece of work. Usually if you listen to some songs with some lyrics then it hampers with your work and the lyrics get stuck in your mind.

Our pick in this category for best tech

best noise cancelling headphones
Sennheiser HD 4.50 SE

Our pick for the noise cancelling headphones is one of the bestseller, Sennheiser HD 4.50 SE. It comes with Bluetooth 4.0 and active noise cancelling for a better experience. It also comes with a cable to provide battery free listening when required.

If you want to go for neckbands instead then you can check out our list of best Bluetooth earphones under 2000 (neckband) in India.

5. Bluetooth Speakers

best speakers
JBL Speakers

The fifth and final entry in our list of best tech for millennial is Bluetooth speakers. This again will seem weird as to how Bluetooth speakers and productivity are even remotely related.

Why Bluetooth speakers?

Remember when I said that productivity is interlinked with having a fresh mind. Here comes the Bluetooth speakers as part of the best tech to have with you. Now we know man is a social animal and a Bluetooth speaker works best in this case, whether you say you are having group studies or just chilling with your friends. Forming a connection and network is as important to productivity as it is to keep working.

Not strictly work related yet

This is one entry which is not strictly work related but yet I felt I needed to add this in our list as nowadays a Bluetooth speaker is a must have whether it is to rejuvenate your mind while banging some rockers and going on crazy private dance spree or a group study or idea discussion session with your friend circle.

Our pick for the best banger

Best bluetooth speakers
JBL Flip 5

Our pick for Bluetooth speakers are JBL Flip 5, the latest line up in the popular Flip series of JBL speakers. This new addition comes with party boost base and IPx7 rating for waterproof. JBL Flip 3 is also a good choice at a lower price range.

Best Tech – Bonus addition

6. Dual Monitor

bonus best tech
Dual Monitor Set Up

A bonus addition in our best tech list which I felt I should mention is a dual monitor set up. I can not stress it enough how useful a dual monitor set up is and how much time it will save for you.

True productivity incremental agent

A dual monitor saves your time like no other gadget in this list. A simple addition of another monitor to your existing desktop or laptop setup will help you complete your work in almost half the time. Half the time means double the productivity. Whether you are using it to code while looking at the live output on another monitor (for example web development using brackets) or you are debugging a piece of code or running automation, or writing a blog while keeping your research contents on the other monitor, this piece of equipment is meant to save your time like no other and hence a bonus yet must have addition of best tech.

Also for streamers

If you are a game streamer then having a dual monitor is one of the best tech to have while you play your game on one monitor and read live chats and super chats of your fans.

The advantage of an iPad and Macbook user

If you have a macbook and an iPad then with the latest update of iPadOS 13, an iPad easily and seamlessly acts like a secondary monitor. This is the major advantage of having an Apple ecosystem.

Our pick – a portable monitor

Asus MB168B Portable Monitor

For non apple users, our pick in this category for best tech is the portable monitor from Asus. A secondary monitor is like a extended screen where you can put your half of the foreground apps up. Asus MB168B is easy to carry and auto-rotable. But the display quality of this device is average at best and there are better options out there if you opt for a non-portable one or go for higher budget.

Best Tech – Conclusion

We are at the end of this blog and I hope you liked the gadgets that I have discussed so far. The blog is intended to give an overview on which of the best tech or gadgets that can be used to increase your productivity but the choice of the tech is up to you and in which field you are going to use them.

You can let me know your views in the comment section and also suggest some more topics I should cover in the personal experiences section of blogs where I discuss the tech or books I personally use or are my favorite.

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