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OnePlus 7T vs OnePlus 8 – Which one is the better phone?

OnePlus has recently launched their new lineup and successor to their previous 7 series, OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro. In this blog we compare OnePlus 7T vs OnePlus 8 and find out is it worth upgrading to the newest entry of OnePlus family, the OnePlus 8?

You can also directly read about pros and cons between OnePlus 7T vs OnePlus 8.

The plus one upgrades

Main attractions

The OnePlus team has come up with their latest addition introducing a 90 Hz display screen in their non pro/T series line up i.e. OnePlus 8. In addition to the higher frame rate display, OnePlus brings the most important and major upgrade on the table, Snapdragon 865 which comes with the 5G support. Along with a powerful processor to support we also see an upgraded GPU Adreno 650 for all the gaming fans. The main attraction and probably the reason behind the higher cost in OnePlus 8 is the 5G support.

OnePlus 7T sports the older yet more than powerful enough Snapdragon 855+ and Adreno 640. While the base variant of OnePlus 8 has same 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage capacity same as that of OnePlus 7T, it provides an upgrade option for buyers with 12 GB RAM and 256 GB storage capacity. Both run on the same Android 10 Operating System.

The camera

Coming to the camera, OnePlus 8 sports the same 48 MP rear camera we have already seen in OnePlus 7T with the same sensor of Sony IMX586. The camera setup is still of 3 but we see slight rearrangement from OnePlus 7T’s primary camera, ultra-wide/macro and telephoto lens to OnePlus 8’s macro lens in place of telephoto lens. The front camera remains the same in both with 16 MP f/2.0 aperture.

OnePlus 7T provides macro lens feature in ultra wide lens itself hence eliminating the need of any extra lens. While in OnePlus 8 the telephoto lens has been eliminated and replaced by a dedicated 2 MP macro lens. This seems unnecessary as other companies have already utilized the space by combining telephoto and macro lens.

OnePlus 7T provides macro lens feature in ultra-wide lens

OnePlus 7T vs OnePlus 8 – The bigger battery?

Perhaps the next most important specifications that users look for is the battery and OnePlus 8 provides a bigger and better 4300 mAh battery and a 30W charger boasting 50% charge in merely 22 minutes. Compared to that, OnePlus 7T sports 3800 mAh battery with charging capability of 70% in 30 minutes.

Other features

Some new upgrades that can be seen in the next extension of OnePlus is the new Bluetooth 5.1 and a better WiFi support of 802.11ax compared to Bluetooth 5.0 and 802.11ac in OnePlus 7T (read more about the difference between them here). Apart from these, all other features remain same with in-display fingerprint, USB-C port, no IP rating and no headphone jack. Both the phones retain the same water resistance with no IP rating.

OnePlus 7T vs OnePlus 8 – Let’s talk design and dimensions

OnePlus 7T vs OnePlus 8
OnePlus 7T

OnePlus 7T has a dimension of 6.55 inches and 20:9 inches aspect ratio. The pixel density is 402 ppi with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 and features a fluid AMOLED display. It features the notch display. OnePlus 7T weighs at 190 grams and slightly thicker than OnePlus 8. The camera is lined up in horizontal manner. They are available in two colors – Glacier Blue and Frosted Silver.

OnePlus 7T vs OnePlus 8
OnePlus 8

OnePlus 8 also has a dimension of 6.55 inches and 20:9 inches aspect ratio. The pixel density is 402 ppi with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 and features a fluid AMOLED pin hole display. OnePlus 8 is also lighter by 10 grams and slimmer than its predecessor. The camera line up returns in familiar verticals. They are available in three colors – Glacial Glow, Interstellar Glow and Onyx Black.

OnePlus 7T vs OnePlus 8 – The Conclusion

Pros and Cons

Best Value

OnePlus 7T vs OnePlus 8
OnePlus 7T

+ Best Value.
+ Excellent performance almost equal to OnePlus 8 and same OS.
+ Telephoto lens acts as macro lens.
+ Flat display.
+ Only 7 months older, updates guaranteed.

No 5G support.
Slightly heavier.


5G Upgrade

OnePlus 7T vs OnePlus 8
OnePlus 8

+ 5G Support.
+ 12 GB RAM and 256 GB storage space options are available.
+ Better and faster image processing
+ Larger battery and faster charging.
+ Slimmer and lighter.

More expensive.
No telephoto lens.

5G worth upgrade?

As we have discussed and you can see above in our pros and cons list, except the 5G upgrade, OnePlus 8 does not justify the extra bucks that you need to buy this especially if you are an Indian. India has yet to start 5G spectrum bidding and is long way from implementing 5G technology. Till then 4G will serve its purpose and even if, by the time India has starts introducing 5G for the masses, more new technology and upgrades will be introduced in the world of mobile which will definitely tempt you to go for another upgrade.

For people outside India and who already have 5G technology implemented in their country, OnePlus 8 can be good choice.

Lack of telephoto lens

Nowadays the most sought after camera lineup is ultra wide and telephoto lens. OnePlus 8 gives us the option of ultra wide lens but misses out on a telephoto lens even after coming at a higher price. Now that can be argued that the cost is because of the Snapdragon 865 with the 5G upgrade but personally we don’t feel a telephoto lens would have cost them more.

The macro lens that they provide of 2 MP is not up to the mark in itself. This is not required and rather seems gimmicky as we have already seen many other companies and OnePlus itself implementing the combination of ultra wide and macro lens in a single lens due to the shorter focal length they both share. OnePlus 7T cleverly implements this technology in its ultra wide lens.

What works for OnePlus 8

The major plus point we can see in this comparison of OnePlus 7T vs OnePlus 8 is that between them, OnePlus 8 has the larger battery of 4300 mAh and faster charging capability. This will definitely add more hours for the gaming peeps and also people who dislike charging their phone multiple times.

The Snapdragon 865 and Adreno 650, combined with the 90 Hz and 4300 mAh battery it will add more to the gaming experience. The larger battery also means the phone will be able to keep up the 90 Hz display for a longer time.

OnePlus 7T vs OnePlus 8 – Specifications comparision

OnePlus 7TOnePlus 8
OSAndroid 10Android 10
Display6.55 inches, 1080 x 2400 (402 ppi),
Fluid AMOLED, 20:9 Aspect Ratio
6.55 inches, 1080 x 2400 (402 ppi),
Fluid AMOLED, 20:9 Aspect Ratio
ProcessorSnapdragon 855+Snapdragon 865
GPUAdreno 640Adreno 650
Storage128 GB128 GB/256 GB
Rear Camera48 MP f/1.6 Primary Lens
12 MP f/2.2 Telephoto Lens
16 MP f/2.2 Ultra Wide Lens
(acts also as macro lens)
48 MP f/1.8 Primary Lens
16 MP f/2.2 Ultra Wide Lens
2 MP f/2.4 Macro Lens
Front Camera16 MP f/2.016 MP f/2.0
Fingerprint ScannerIn-display Fingerprint ScannerIn-display Fingerprint Scanner
ConnectivityWi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 5.0Wi-Fi 802.11ax, Bluetooth 5.1
Headphone JackNoNo
Battery3800 mAh4300 mAh
Water ResistanceNo IP RatingNo IP Rating
Dimensions160.9 x 74.4 x 8.1 mm160.2 x 72.9 x 8 mm
Weight190 gm180 gm
ColorsGlacier Blue and Frosted SilverGlacial Glow, Interstellar Glow
and Onyx Black

OnePlus 7T vs OnePlus 8 – The final verdict

We are at the end of OnePlus 7T vs OnePlus 8 and we feel If you already have OnePlus 7T, the OnePlus 8 does not look worth the upgrade for the time being. If you are planning to buy a new phone even then OnePlus 7T looks like a viable option. If you are from any other country with 5G support then OnePlus 8 looks like a good option. But if upgrade is what you require and you can stretch your wallet for few extra bucks then the new pro line up of OnePlus in the form of 8 Pro in our opinion is a proper and worthy upgrade. Review of OnePlus 8 will be available soon in our site.

So in our opinion the winner in this OnePlus 7T vs OnePlus 8 for the best value is OnePlus 7T. Or perhaps you can wait till OnePlus introduces their OnePlus 8T.

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